We accepted the challenge and, in July 2010, we created the webdesign for Idea Hunting: an online platform of creative crowdsourcing, aimed to bring together, in a virtual environment, brands looking for ideas, and designers willing to sell theirs. How does it works? The process begins with a “brief”, in which the idea hunter (either brands or companies) describe what they need, as well as the amount they are willing to pay and the deadline for proposals.

Afterwards, all interaction is carried out online: the proposals are sent to a personal mailbox where hunters and creators (either individuals or companies) can “talk”.

It was a great challenge for us, because we needed to create a webdesign that was simultaneously creative and with an easy and intuitive navigation.

Since the platform was launched, many brands have already used it. One of those was Volkswagen, which managed to receive 488 ideas, in only two weeks, for a challenge aimed at gathering suggestions for a new car service.



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